Kiosfreebet – Gambling can really be a pleasant source of financial gain and recreation. It is a very cool experience to walk across poker tables, Roulette and slots machine and see player smiling and making awesome profit. But it takes a great discipline and self-control for a skillful player to return home with his/her profit, most people are blinded with the thought of making more money until they realize that they have nothing left on them. Nowadays, unlike the ancient times, gambling receives more acceptance and almost every street has a game houses or casinos, the business modified its status after the introduction of internet gambling whereby gamblers can easily access a casino online with the use of their mobile phones.

Internet gambling cannot be compared with playing video games and gambling in real-life casino. Although, the games tournament and rounds are the same in both gambling styles, but one enjoys additional privacy to the other. The fact that you can freely play Slot online on your smartphone in your closet indicates you are vulnerable to more dangers. This article focuses on the harzards of gambling addictions, though it may seem it centers on internet gambling. However same dangers applies to real-life gambling addiction.


Attending real casino regularly can easily be noticed by friends and family members, thus such gamblers will be conscious of the fact that he/she is being watched and caution his attendance. However, it is hardly noticeable by a family members or friends that a colleague is playing Poker online regularly. casino online can be easily access with a desktop connected to the Internet or a smartphone, it is as easy as logging into the websites online, approving the payment mode, and begin staking and playing. It is also easy to cash out with the availability of online banking, thus he/she may easily move his/her money to the gambling account without anyone awareness.
A gambler trying to avoid a physical casino house may change his route, that is to take another route while going or returning to work, but a gambler will always be enticed to play more of internet gambling as he/she could access internet in a bus, office cubicle and even in the church pew. It takes an in depth observation for a sensitive friend or relative to realize a colleague is into addiction, and even if they detect out it may be really hard to confirm what kind of addiction it is.


The addict are of no helpful benefits to himself first and then to the entire community. He/she may be so committed into gambling to the extent of gambling with office desktops, truth be told I have seen, company employees who invested company funds into online sport betting. The person may be so committed to the extent of having no time for other family relations, relationship partners and for personal hygiene. Gambling addicts may be so engulfed into online gambling throughout the whole night thereby resuming late and unprepared for the next day work.


Gambling addicts may end up having little or no amount in his/her bank account. Online Gambling is more harmful to real-life casino houses in the sense that no physical transaction occurs in the process of playing Slot online, therefore the player may not be fully conscious of his/her loss until the bank notify him/her of insufficient funds. Some gambling addict may spend their whole monthly earning within a night. The regretful thing about a gambling addict is that he/she will always think gambling with few amounts will make him/her realize all he/she had lost and still continue gambling on a friend or family loan.


Gambling are not restricted to grown up men and women alone, but it is also rampant among teenagers. It is so easy for an underage to get trapped in online gambling even before he/she get his/her driver license with the adverts and presence of numerous gambling sites available on the internet. Though the sites strongly advice that users must be at least 18years of age, but the question Is that what platform have they put in place to confirm that only adult play Poker online?. Study shows that a teenager has more tendency to become a gambling addict than adults, now I see the reason United States of America still place ban on the use of online gambling products in some of their States, imagine what gambling addicted teens will do when they are finally entitled to a credit card.


An addict is so much engulfed in his gambling activities without realizing he is alone until it’s too late. He might have lost his closest friends, wife, family or relationship partner, leaving him alone in his gamble mess. An addicted gambler is attributed with emotional disorder such as depression, bitterness, and the tendency to commit suicide.


An addict may eventually develop a forgetful mind, not keeping accurate records of events, lack of concentration at work due to continuous rumination over the previous games played, lying to cover up for irresponsibility.


1. Open up to people that can help: Addiction to gambling can be as troublesome as every other addiction therefore addicts need help from close relations and friends, that will put him on close observation, and also encourage him in the process.

2. Counseling: such person needs counseling and motivation from a specialist, and he/she can also associate with small groups of people who have dealt with any kind of addiction in the past.