Kiosfreebet – Gambling is the act of playing a game of chance by staking with money, materials or possessions to obtain a more valuable profit. Gambling is grouped into three major groups which are casinos games, Non-casino games and sports betting. Casino games include pokers, slots, bingos while non-casino games are coins tossing, dice rolling and shell games. For centuries, the phenomenon called gambling, have been evolving from ages to ages, advancing with technologies and tending to suit man interest. Despite legal and religious accusations, gambling have been able to thrive against all odds based on fact that man is wired to make profit at all costs, not caring about the thing at risk. This article focuses on the history, evolution, and development of gambling over the years, from the age of dice rolling to the modern period which people can easily access casino online.

The beginning of gambling is approximately dated back to 2300bc in China, with the recovery of tiles buried underground which is believed to have been used primarily for gambling purposes. The ancient Chinese also engages in betting on fighting animals, lottery games and playing cards, it is believed that the first set of playing card were in forms of Chinese domino’s. Another country like China that contributed immensely to the development of gambling is ancient Rome. In spite of Roman government legislation against gambling, the ancient Roman takes every gambling chance that comes their way, knowing that the punishment for betting in the province of Rome is to repay with four times what it’s at stake, the Romans brilliantly fashion out chips to fool the Roman soldiers when apprehended, affirming they were staking for chips and nothing more. Dice rolling was a common game in the ancient Greek, though the ancient Greek writers claim dice were invented in Rome, discovery of two pairs of dice in an Egyptian tomb around 3000bc proves them wrong.

The French-speaking countries were also involved in the evolution of gambling. In the 1400s, the game of baccarat played between two opponents is known to have migrated to France from Italy. Gambling became more constituted with the establishment of Ridotto, the first ever casino in Venice, Italy. It was built in 1638, to control the vast chasm occurring every carnival season. The game of blackjacks which received much popularity around 1930s in the Navada casinos, is believed to have evolved from the French game of Vint-et-un played in the 1600s. The invention of the Roulette wheel was credited to Paris and began spreading to the United States and the European Nations.
Although, most of the games were established in Paris and Italy, they received much development in other countries. After the establishment of Ridotto, casinos began spreading to other nations, voyage ship began housing gambling centers, with more casinos been established in Europe and illegal betting sites all over the US in the 19th century. However, many thanks to technology, game lovers can easily access casino online.

History has the story that the popular game of Poker is closely related to As-Nas, a Persian game in seventeen century while other sources have it told that the English Poker had originated from the French game Poque. However, it is certain that the game of Poker featured in New Orleans games in the year 1829 and grew stronger in Las Vegas after the World poker tournament in the state in 1970. The game of Poker also receives more popularity with the inclusion of Poker online to other casino games available on the internet. Another game like the poker is the Slot machine, the slot machine also known as the fruit machine nowadays is the machine that allow players to play by inputting coins and receives reward after several spinning.
The modern slots machine of today is believed to have revolved over the years from One armed bandit machine developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York. The machine is named as one-armed bandit because of its mode of operation which is characterized by tugging hard on a mechanical lever positioned at one side of the machine and it’s aptness to siphon every dime present on its player similar to the behavior of a thief. Around this period Charles Fey invented a slot machine known as the liberty Bell, the machine receives much acceptance because of its ability to regulate winning rate, and also dispense rewards to the player automatically. More innovations began to set in until 1963, which welcomes the first electromechanical slot machine capable of dispensing almost 500coins to player without the intervention of an attendant. The development keeps forging forward leading to the invention of the video slots machine paving way for Slot online to be available to player on Mobile devices.

The unforgettable events occur in the history of gambling in 1994, as Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act, permitting industries, bars and casino to provide Slot online and every other casino games on the internet. Earlier on, Microgaming, a software company has developed a gambling software couple of years back spurring the establishment of first internet casino in 1994. The platform became waxing stronger with the increment in gambling websites and the foundation of Kahnawake Gaming Commission. As time goes on gambling games are now obtainable on smartphones allowing game lovers to access it at any given time conveniently.

Apart from internet, the funds generated by organization and government also helps in the growth and evolution of gambling. In fact most government infrastructure were constructed with lottery funds, history reveals that the Great wall of China, Harvard and Yale Universities were few of public infrastructure built from lottery funds. Though America banned the usage of any gambling sites established on US soil by her citizens, some states like Las Vegas and Navada were making larger percentage of revenues through gambling and it is hoped that in few years time, the business is going to circulate to other part of the country. Statistically, revenue generated from internet gambling after the introduction of games such as Poker online is estimated to be over $800 million in 1998, increased to be over $21 billion about 10years after, meanwhile Sport betting is remains hot spot gambling system in the African Nations.