Kiosfreebet – I am very sure our readers will find this topic strange and interesting. Though the games of poker can be so tactical and highly competitive, however you might be thinking of arguing playing Poker online it’s nothing like solving high school math problem, however there is a lot of mathematics going on in the process. You might have check out different books to improve your gambling skills and might have not come across anyone that treats the mathematics of gambling as a topic. Truth be told, there are gambling experts all across the globe who never know that slot machines, both Slot online and casino slot, were producing result base on combinatorics algorithm. However, It is certain that for you to become a mastery of poker, you must have consciously or unconsciously understand the mathematics of gambling.

It is certain that the impact of skills and luck cannot be overlooked in casino online games, so also the study of mathematics run through every aspect of the gaming including calculation of odds, chances, expected values e.t.c, this article is to introduce you to some mathematical calculations in gambling which are how to calculate chances and odds, basic calculation in poker, and the working principle of a slot machine.


The game of chances majorly depend on the mathematics of probability. For example, the chances of getting an even number in a single throw of a die is 1/2, in this case we have a set of (2, 4, 6) three even number, and the sample set(1,2,3,4,5,6) is a set of 6 values. Probability also applies to the game of Roulette, the Roulette table is of two models which are the American, and the European model, the American Roulette has a sample set of (1,2,3,….,36,0,00) while that of a European Roulette is (1,2,3…36,0). Using probability the chances of getting a particular event equals to ratio of having the particular event to total number of holes(36+n), where (n) is the number of zeros on the Roulette table. For example, the chance of getting a black on a European Roulette wheel equals the total number of black holes(18 black holes) to the ratio of the total number of holes(36+2=38), resulting in 18/38.


Odds are values that determine the degree of having an event to occur. The knowledge of odds is required in every casino online games because it enables you to calculate your expected value (EV). The odds of having a particular event to occur is simply the subtraction of 1 from the inverse of the probability of having the event (mathematically, odds= 1/p -1).
Example: Calculate the odds of having a number from 1-10 In a European Roulette wheel.
Total number of events = 10.
Total outcome in a European Roulette wheel (36+n) =37.
Probability = 10/37.
Odd = 1/(10/37) – 1 = 27/10 which can also be pronounced as 27:10 or 27 to 10.
The odds of an event can also be converted to a cumulative probability by simply adding 1 to the denominator of the inverse form of the odds and multiplying the results by 100
Using the above example,
Firstly, the inverse of odds = 10/27.
Cumulative probability = 10/(27+1) * 100% = 35.71%.


Poker mathematics basically depend on the mathematics of Probability calculus and combinatorics. Same as a real-life poker game, playing Poker online involves the combination of five cards of the total 52cards without replacement to give a straight flush, royal flush, straight, high cards or four of a kind. The game of poker is played by five or more players with the dealer. The game begins with two players on the left side of the dealer making blinds bet, then each player are dealt with two cards, and the games continued with a subsequent call, raise or fold, the game ends after all the players(who haven’t folded) have already cast in same bets. In short, the objective of the game is for players to make a good five cards combination by combining individual cards with other four table cards(flops and river). Now let’s do some calculations.
The total five cards combination of the 52cards without replacement, can be easily calculated using the combination function (nCr) on a scientific calculator, the result gives (52C5) which equals 2,598,960.
Example: Calculate the probability and odds of having a royal flush?
The royal flush is a particular hand of five cards that contain an ace, king, queen, jack, and a 10(I.e from the highest division to the lowest division), this particular event is only possible in 4ways(I.e one each from a spade, club, heart or diamond). This particular hands have the lowest Probability and the highest ranking.
Probability = number of royal flush/ total number of five cards combination.
Probability of a royal flush = 4/2,598,960.
Odds = the inverse of the probability of having a royal flush – 1.
Thus, odds of a flush = (2,598,960/4) – 1 = 649,739:1.


The understanding of the working principle of a slot machine will clear the misconception of people about Slot online, players often conclude that casinos have already programmed the machines to produce bad lucks. The reason is that most of the process are goes on within the machine and none is visible to the player, except for combinations result display on the reels and payout. The Slot machine determines the combinations, the payback percentage and the frequency of the frequency of game bonuses.
Whenever a player inputs coins into a slot machine and pulls the lever, the machine with the aid of a Inbuilt Random Numbers Generator(RNG) produces a combination which are then forwarded into a microprocessor to interpret the resulting combinations by using a standard table to determine the pay out. The machine proves fairness in the sense that the RNG is always generating combinatios, whether a player is playing or not, and the previous combinations result can never determine the next game results. Moreover, all slots machines work in accordance to the law and regulations of gambling established by the United States of America to ensure fairness in gambling.