Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine Online

Kiosfreebet – Once you go to Casino online services, you’ll find hundreds to thousands of Slot online jackpots with different visual appearance but feature similar gameplay and mechanic. The common slots available online are progressive jackpot slots which have become the most popular one.

Progressive slots feature the progressive mechanic both in the betting and jackpot prize. The jackpot would linearly increase following every bet placed by all players and keep it until triggered. The amount of jackpot can be seen on the interface if you’re playing the online version and would depend on each bet.

Progressive slot online will pour the jackpot after you’ve successfully slotted the perfect combination of icons featured in the platform, just like the offline version. It’s highly suggested to maximize bet to win the progressive jackpot which is also stated on the virtual interface of Slot online jackpot machine.

Don’t get it wrong as progressive jackpot isn’t only about slots as you can also find video Poker online and blackjack online in casino online sites also featuring this type of jackpot.

Standalone Jackpot Slots

Standalone Jackpot Slots aren’t connected into a network of other games or a particular casino universe. That’s why the jackpot will keep increasing until it’s paid out. Since they’re standalone, the payout is typically lower than the network jackpot slots. The jackpot value is resulted from the placed bet percentages independently on the particular standalone jackpot slots so you can’t expect a high payout. If you desire a higher payout, you can go to in-house or network progressive jackpot.

Network Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots features network progressive jackpot are connected to the same platform or Casino online but with multiple games involved instead of slots only. The value of jackpot is accumulated through these games which means to cover more players and bets. It means that those bets placed in blackjack, poker, Routledge, and other games will increase the jackpot value simultaneously. As expected, the network progressive jackpot slots have the highest jackpot payouts among other progressive machines. You can see that the jackpot value increases over time which can be seen on the platform’s interface.

In-House Progressive Jackpot Slots

It’s the semi-networked jackpot slot which is connected to other slot online games in the same platform or casino online franchise. The jackpot value is accumulated from the bets placed on these slot machines and each of them can trigger the payout. Since they have a wider exposure and more players, in-house progressive jackpot slots usually pour a higher jackpot. However, it’s still lower than the network progressive slots can offer as the in-house progressive jackpot slots only accumulated the bets from slot machines only.

Multiple Progressive Jackpot Slots

Have you ever seen three jackpot values shown in a slot machine? It’s certainly multiple progressive jackpot slots. The values are different from each other while the player can place the bets to win only one of those jackpot slots. The jackpot accumulation can go crossover of standalone, network or in-house progressive jackpot slots.