Kiosfreebet – In the previous article, we discussed the economic impacts of gambling in a society, but now we would like to treat the social aspect of the topic. The social impacts of gambling in a society deals with the ways by which the subject tend to change the behaviour and attitude of human being in the society. It tries to explain the positive and negative influence of gambling on every element of the society which includes the family, community, groups e.t.c.


1. Pathology gambling.

Pathology gambling also referred to as problem gambling is the urge or strong desire to engage in gambling activities whether in physical casinos or casino online despite knowing its consequences or having the willingness to stop. Pathological gambling can also be an addiction to any form of gambling. Problem gambling does not only affect the gambler but also his/her family members, friends, and colleagues, in the sense that such gambler would have discharge his/her total life to gambling activities neglecting his/her relations.
Research shows that drinking, smoking, suicide, mood swings, are few of the effect of gambling on an individual, meanwhile their spouse are said to be depressed, dizzy, liable to drug addictions, suffer from severe headaches, and the marriage may end in divorce on the long run. Most children that come from a gambling parent are noticed to behave differently from other kids, they are prone to criminal activities, gambling, drugs, loneliness e.t.c.
It is straightforward to recognize an addict of blackjacks, slots or any other real-life casino games, however it takes much observation to detect an addiction of Poker online, slot and other Internet gambling games. A pathological gambler at the early stage will always lie to cover up for his/her gambling activities, depend on close relatives to take financial loss for his/her gambling activities, ruminate over the previous loses and unconsciously or consciously thinking of the strategies to make up for losses.

2. Crime.

Gambling pose to increase the crime rate in a community, the crime includes robbery, stealing, fraud, blackmail, and embezzlement. Most of the times, gamblers engage in these criminal acts to regain previous loses, Carter for the need of his/her family, pay for bills and gather money for further gambling. If these crimes are not well managed by the government then it may serve as ground for more criminal activities in the state such as kidnapping, maim and rape.
Studies show that crime are dominant among youthful gamblers than the adult players. This is because they have little or no source of income to manage their internet gambling activities, and they may easily fall into gambling peer pressure. For them to keep their gamble profile without the knowledge of their parents therefore they are left with no other option than to steal from their relatives, sell their possessions, blackmail fellow students and other criminal activities, and this is the reason for countries to make regulations that Slot online, poker, and sport betting must only be provided for 18years and above.
Apart from engaging in crime directly, a gambler may end up committing crimes like manslaughter or murder as a result of depression, anger and rift build in the body, after experiencing a big loss in gambling.

3. Employment.

On the issue of employment, we cannot out rightly conclude that introduction of gambling in a region will increase or decrease the level of employment in the society. The conclusion may differ due to some factors such as the economic status of the area, the type of gambling and the reaction of people to the gambling activities in the society. Some research reveals that increase in gambling activities in a country will leads to more unemployment if her citizens are not responsible gamblers but pathology gamblers. An employee may lose his/her job when addicted to gambling activities, some are of the habit of playing casino online games at work while others may end up using the company funds to play Slot online which will finally cost them their job if not imprisoned.
What we meant by the country economic status is that some country economy system will increase employment level while others may decrease with the introduction of gambling. When gambling is introduced into a society, more hotels and entertainment related company comes into such society therefore providing more job opportunities to her citizens, however there will be a shift in the demand of the society, thus some company may suffer the loss, to balance things up these companies may have to lease out some of their employee’s.
Unlike real casino gambling, internet gambling does not demand much employee, there is no need for an attendance or cashier, who will be giving out winning to winner, all transaction takes place using the Internet, therefore there are little employment. The only way online gambling can help to increase employment rate is by using the fund realize from the business to invest in other sectors.

4. Leisure and entertainment.

Gambling is a form of entertainment and it gives people another way of enjoying their leisure time. Now with the introduction of online gambling, more players are taking part in the game while sitting under their roof. The Internet gambling websites are also adding chatting features which will enable players from different parts of the world to chat together during a game of Poker online. However, it is so unfortunate that only few people in the society takes gamble as leisure activities, some people still believes gambling to be social vices thus prefer to engage in all other games in their leisure time. But it’s make good impact on a country economy despite the fact that only few people of the population engage in the game.

5. Discrimination.

Gambling may cause relationship problems among people in the society, as non-gamblers may tend to portray themselves as better than the gamblers in the community. Problem gamblers are often viewed to be in the addiction because of the indiscipline and dishonesty, and hence many feel uncomfortable to relate with them.